Freefall: Living Life Beyond The Edge


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This is not just another self-help book but an essential read for the self-confessed course junkie who is ready to finally STOP searching and begin leading a rewarding and meaningful life.

Sally Anderson’s life reads like a great fictional novel, the kind where the heroine overcomes incredible odds, then turns around to assist others to do the same. She knows all too well that YOU get to create a new ending to your own story.

Her determination to regain her life from the most dehumanizing experience imaginable, to dedicating her life to helping others has shaped her personal development and destiny to become one of the most pre-eminent speakers and transformational coaches we have ever seen. This is a story of a remarkable journey from humble beginnings through triumph, tragedy, transformation and transcendence. An unflinchingly compelling story of how one turns their excuse for failure into their reason for success!

Take a serious look at what is destined to launch the next phase of conscious development in America. Freefall deserves more than a cursory glance. It is what millions are waiting to hear. “Sally Anderson is not a survivor, she is a luminary teacher whose vision in this book is beyond compelling. Her inspiring education champions the human spirit and feeds the human soul and has the ability to revolutionize the personal development movement as we know it”.