Our Team
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The Evolved Leadership team is made up of a suite of
diverse professionals who all have a genuine interest in
developing the leadership space to new heights of
awareness and efficacy.

At the head of our team are directors Sally Anderson
and Roger Te Tai, both extremely passionate individuals
who truly embrace their individual and collective roles as
leaders of our organisation

Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson is at the forefront of sustainable human and organisational transformation.

Her 20 years in the corporate world, together with lessons she has garnered through her amazing and unique life story, inspire and help others achieve sustainable transformation for professional and personal success.

Sally has a long history of supporting organisational, cultural and individual change across the globe. Sally formulated the unique delivery and content of the Sally Anderson International Leadership Curriculum and has spent 16 years refining its teachings.

Her revolutionary education can be experienced via the Leadership Brand, Sally Anderson International:  High End Leadership Coaching – Private 1 on 1 / LIVE COACHING from stage / ’The Sally Anderson Experience’ Private 1 Day / Corporate 1 Day Leadership Masterclasses / Sally Anderson International 3 Day Leadership Retreats / Leadership Development Immersion Training Programs / Indigenous 1 Day Workshops / Cultural Development Consultancy or the Self Leadership – Personal Empowerment Brand, Evolve By Choice:  Evolved 1 Day Empowerment Workshops/Evolved 3 Day Experience Retreats/Evolved 6-12 Month Coaching Partnerships, all facilitated by trained Evolve By Choice certified Leadership Coaches.

Her unique personal perspectives, traumatic history and eventual mastery as a transformational coach provide a rare combination of talents. Sally’s life experiences laid the foundation for her vocation to help others achieve a similar transcendence. As a result Sally has a sound knowledge base for her philosophy and teachings and their application in the personal and professional realm.

Her determination to regain her life from the most dehumanising experience imaginable, and to dedicate her life to helping others, has shaped her personal development and destiny to become one of the most pre-eminent speakers and transformational coaches we have ever seen.

Sally’s first book ‘Freefall—Living Life Beyond the Edge’ and second book ‘The Co-Creative Age – The Next Evolutionary Phase In Leadership’, are available via Amazon and in Kindle form. Sally’s third book entitled ‘Equanimous Leadership – Leading From The Equanimous Realm’, is due for release in November 2018.   She has also written numerous book chapters, corporate sector publications, personal development publications and publications for youth reform initiatives.

Roger Te Tai

Roger Te Tai has extensive experience across a broad range of disciplines. Roger worked in construction for 30 years, starting as a boilermaker and progressing through to roles in construction management on some of the largest construction projects in the world.

In 2002, family circumstances resulted in Roger returning to New Zealand to assist his brother in turning around his ailing engineering services firm. Roger utilised his full skill set to lead the change management programme that saw his brother’s business completely reinvent itself and become a profitable venture.

Roger spent many of the years around this time deeply immersed in his own personal struggle, dealing with betrayal and adversity at a level most people never experience. It was during this period he formed a desire to reconnect with his Maori culture, learn the language, and work towards better, sustainable outcomes
for indigenous communities.

Roger is a remarkable keynote speaker, providing inspirational and thought-provoking keynotes to business and cultural groups. He delivers these keynotes with honesty, humility and humour.

Roger joined Evolved Leadership in order to bring about sustainable change in the leadership space, with particular interest in indigenous leadership. Roger brings immense knowledge and skill to these areas, and provides great value to the businesses he works with assisting in them to implement their collective vision.

Our Certified Coaches

Championing an evolved world. Click on any of the coaches profile photos for more information on them.

Andrew Mackay

Tarryn Winson

Helena McIntyre

Rochelle Price

Deb Workman

Christine Lange

Robyn Atkins

Robbie Le Normand

Hamish Martin

Michelle Mortlock

Judy King

Curtis Pipes

Sue Gould

Lance Workman

Jonty Fernandez

Melissa Frerk

Maureen Kumeroa

Tale Silivale

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