Embark on a Freefall Journey to Self-Awareness

We at Evolved By Choice understand that people are inundated these days with SO much information of a personal and / or professional nature and are at a loss as to whom they should follow, what would work best for them and what offers the best value for money .

In acknowlegment of this we decided to create a service offering that respected individual choice and was in alignment with our brand ‘Evolve By Choice’.

Evolved Life offers GREAT value and enables the interested party to follow us

If you have experienced an Evolved 1 Day Empowerment Workshop we can stay connected here, or for those yet to experience the education it provides a vehicle for you to get exposed to Evolved By Choice’s education at no cost.


Not everyone is ready to evolve to their highest potential personally and / or professionally and we respect this. But for those that are, we welcome you to this tribe.

We aim to provide information that inspires and motivates, but most of all is educational. The information will be rich in content with value-added resources that compliment the essence of our brand promise, ‘sustainable transformation’.

If you wish to follow us, please LIKE our Evolved Life page on Facebook and engage in this community – look forward to seeing you there!



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