Our brand mark is a well considered logo and represents the union of traditional leadership, subject matter expertise and mindset soft skills.

The hard ‘E’ depicts the traditional aspect while the rounded letters depicts the expertise, with the ‘O’ symbolising the flow that the right ‘mindset’ brings to the personal, professional and cultural development spaces.

Our strapline, ‘by choice’, conveys the pure essence of the education and the philosophy underpinning the brand: making a simple choice to think, say, do and be the best version of yourself possible, right now.

What is Evolved Leadership?

‘Evolved leadership enables leaders
to access higher levels of consciousness, thereby expanding their capability to
develop mastery of complex demands, which is integral to our intellectual, emotional,
physical and spiritual wellbeing!’

Sally Anderson

Evolved Leadership is the next phase of leadership as businesses and individuals alike struggle to adapt to rapidly changing societal frameworks.

Change has occurred at such a rapid pace over the last 50 years that leadership styles and theories have struggled to keep in step
with the change.

We wish to use the analogy of the 3 legged stool to explain our point of difference. Most leaders are unconsciously competent in the
area of the following:-

  1. Traditional leadership: They are highly trained, solid in their left-brain thinking (first leg of the stool)
  2. Subject matter expertise: Without question they have done the years in the trenches to warrant this level of competency (second leg of the stool)
  3. Mindset mastery: When it comes to the soft skills, behavioural change, mindset skills, this seems to be in the most deficit for it usually is a case of when we have the time, when we have
    the budget, which always seems elusive.

This is the third leg of the stool. This leg of the stool is the MOST critical where ‘sustainable change’ is concerned!

1st Global Leadership Development Service Provider Specialising In
‘Sustainable Transformation’ Personally and Professionally

Traditional Leadership V Co-Creative Leadership

Some of the key differences.

Traditional Leadership


DOING focused




Inquiry in known realm



Drive; Strive; Force

IQ – analytical intelligence

Primarily takes action through thought structures

Searches for answers from the known realm – through thinking

Co-Creative Leadership


BEING focused




Inquiry in unknown realm



Allow; Flow; Zone

AQ – alchemical intelligence

Primarily takes action through intuitive feeling

Accesses answers by being the conduit tapping into the limitless knowledge of the unknown realm

Our Point of Difference

We outline below for the purposes of high level clarification the power of Co-Creative Leadership in comparison with Traditional Leadership and the evolutionary development phases for a leader interested in evolving to their highest potential.

These principles show clearly that Co-Creative Leadership is very
different from Traditional Leadership principles and practices.



Beginning to open to others

Higher purpose / Self

Connecting profoundly to others, collective consciousness

Connecting to all you can be and will be


Analytical (IQ)

Emotional (EQ)

Spiritual (SQ)

Holistic (HQ)

Alchemical (AQ)



Emotional Freedom




Part of what we do which is unique is our ability to identify the unique default (disempowered) blueprint of those who lead. In every organisation there are human beings. If we are to believe, as we do at Evolved Leadership, that each leader has a unique default blueprint, then there must be a resonance in the culture which is default oriented that is undistinguished.

Through the power of awareness based training we are able to not only unearth what this blueprint is, but are able to completely transcend it at both an individual leadership level and at an organisational level, making Evolved Leadership unique in the leadership space.

Evolved Leadership is a model of interaction where everyone gets their needs met, and all participants within a group or process co-create the outcome, so that the whole is so much more than the sum of its parts.

We stand for the establishment of power-power based cultures individually and collectively. Currently
default-default based interaction is tolerated in corporations globally and we believe there is a need to
elevate the consciousness of those who lead to new dimensions.

If we do not evolve the consciousness of those who lead we are impacting future generations that have not even been born yet. In short, Evolved Leadership is a whole new world.

Sustainability Element of
Personal and Professional Development

  • A long process
  • A deep process
  • A long process
  • A shallow process
  • For example: Clients seeing a counsellor for 5 to 10+ years paying for the privilege of talking into their STORY, creating a co-dependency**
  • ** Only refers to the dysfunctional aspects of counselling
  • A short process
  • A shallow process
  • For example: Course junkies looking for their next fix, but not experiencing any, and/or limited results, let alone ‘sustainable results’
  • A short process
  • A deep process
  • Sustainable results

Awareness Based Training

Evolved Leadership is in the business of self confrontation.

We cannot confront people but what we can do is get them present to the costs of not confronting themselves. Until they do they will not associate to what they are currently tolerating. There are 7.5 billion people on the planet and the majority are disassociated from what’s not working for them in their personal and/or professional lives. Most can rattle off the costs but most are disassociated from these costs!

Sadly it’s a function of the human condition.

We believe that the biggest addiction for the human condition is ‘dissatisfaction’ : those that have not, believe that if they had it all they would be happy.

Those that have it all as a generalisation are dissatisfied, chasing the next goal that provides true satisfaction which always seems elusive.

Evolved Leadership’s suite of programs are based on ‘Awareness Based Training’, training that shifts people at an experiential level, for to sustain change one needs to change experientially.

Evolved Leadership education is a tried and proven methodology that has transformed thousands of peoples’ lives sustainably!

Developed by founder Sally Anderson, who has for over three decades meticulously evolved the curriculum to world class standards, believes that its success is due to the privacy and confidentiality that is key to transcending decades of preconditioning unique to the human condition.

This education has the ability to transform individual, organisational and societal norms.

Full Reintegration

To fully reintegrate one must heal one’s past and become
whole and complete.

Evolved Leadership is the first global leadership development service provider that advocates ‘healing and coaching’ together to experience full reintegration.

Coaching in isolation is not sustainable, healing in isolation is not sustainable, the two together guarantees sustainability.

Evolved Leadership associates itself with alliance partners who specialise in a cross-section of
healing modalities that complement the education.

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