Evolved One-On-One Coaching Program With Founder Sally Anderson

World-class Leadership Coaching

Sally Anderson is a world-class leadership coach who has coached predominantly at a CEO/board level for the last 15 years. She is passionate about evolving the consciousness of those who lead at the highest level.

Sally only coaches 1-3 high level leadership clients per year who are interested in playing a highly leveraged game globally. Her One on One Coaching programs are customised, specialised, turbo-charged and legendary.

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Evolved 1 Day Experience With Sally Anderson (Private One On One)

What’s Unique About The Day
Is That You Get To Design It.

Ordinarily you would not expect the experience of a single day to change your outlook or to enable you to transform a prevailing circumstance instantly, and forever. But

Sally Anderson’s 1-day Experiences are far from ordinary.

This is not an experience where the format is predetermined, this is truly a day focused on you and your world. You get to leverage the knowledge of Sally Anderson, who without question is the most experienced thought leader in the area of sustainable change, personally and professionally. Courageous leaders who embrace these 1-day Experiences are guaranteed to walk away with results – such as dissolved barriers, a clearer sense of direction and motivation to make the changes that they need to make. Whatever your obstacle, we can help you identify it, face it, and move beyond it.

Given that you define the agenda for the day, anything goes personally or professionally. Key outcomes are predetermined as a part of the facilitation to measure return on investment.

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