Evolved One On One Coaching Partnership With An Evolved Certified Coach

A Partnership That Enables You To Reach Your Fullest Potential

Evolved certified coaches are highly trained individuals from a diverse array of backgrounds committed to evolving the human condition as we know it.

Evolved Leadership adopts regulatory industry standards for the purposes of quality assurance and provides peer supervision of every single session of every single coach for a minimum of a minimum period 1-2 years.

How We Differentiate Our Style of Coaching:

The experience that we offer is a tried and proven coaching programme which teaches unique techniques to those who are interested in experiencing unrecognisable change.

This style of coaching is best suited to people who wish to live and lead an empowered life, for life. It is holistic in nature and guarantees sustainable transformation. Our programmes are immersive in nature and are conducted over a six and/or twelve month period either face to face or online. We can facilitate coaching internationally with global reach.

Standard Coaching

Focused on Transformation


Analytical (left brain)

Prescribed (project management)

Strategic/Egoic (limited)

Teacher/Pupil Partnership


Evolved Coaching

Focused on Sustainable Transformation


Experiential (right brain)


Co-Creative (limitless)


Being the CONDUIT

We Are Committed To Exemplary Customer Service And As Such Each Client Is Partnered In A Way That Is Safe, Professional And Intentional For The Six-Twelve month Period.

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