Evolved Leadership Development / Cultural Change Programs

Every organisational environment, regardless of structure, size or sector, operates on a foundation of human-to-human interactions.

Create individual awareness of self, others, community and societies as a pathway to an evolved culture.

While many organisations implement leadership development or cultural change programs, few implement them to ensure the benefits are sustained over the long term.

What comes with the human territory is oscillation between empowered communication and disempowered communication.

In Evolved Leadership we term ‘disempowered communication’, the default, for it is an automatic default mechanism. At times in organisations a default-default based culture exists that permeates the DNA of the operation which hinders its ability to evolve to its highest potential.

What is unique about the Evolved Leadership’s approach to cultural change is its focus on creating power-power based cultures that start and end with the head of the organisation. Transformation of the mindset of the CEO or Executive team is mission critical if ’sustainable change’ is desired. Many companies invest a lot of money into cultural change programs but not only is the ROI questionable but there is a lack of focus on sustained change 2-5-10 years post implementation. We at Evolved Leadership believe that if you are going to invest money into change, lets make sure it is sustainable!

We at Evolved Leadership believe that if you are going to invest money into change, lets make sure it is sustainable!

All Cultural Change Programs and Leadership Development initiatives are customised to the requirements of the said company/organisation.

Evolved Indigenous Workshops

Many countries are still trying to address and
redress historical and current grievances.

The value of input from nations’ first peoples is not fully understood or leveraged by those in positions of leadership, be they politicians, policy makers or leaders within the community.

Historical disenfranchisement continues to be a real issue in the 21st century, with indigenous groups frequently suffering from socio-economic and health problems at a much higher rate than members of other groups.

Our Indigenous Consultancy model is one of empowerment, facilitating the transformation of indigenous communities and organisations from within by helping to more effectively channel the extraordinary power of their leaders. Sustainable transformation is at the core of its ethos. Trust of outside influence at times is not embraced but for cultural paradigms to be transcended this cannot occur from the existing leadership mindset. Indigenous communities who are ready to pioneer a new paradigm of legacy proportions may wish to explore a new approach.

Assisting indigenous leaders to evolve their mindset is one of the most important aspects of Evolved Leadership’s Indigenous Consultancy.

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