Evolved 3 Day Experience Retreat

An Empowering Immersive
Experiential Journey of A Lifetime

3 of the most defining days of your life that will transcend
your experience of your world in a sustainable way.

The Evolved 3 Day Experience Retreat is a life-altering, intense experience that produces extraordinary results: sustainable personal and professional transformation. Not for the fainthearted, it’s designed for those who are genuinely interested in leading an extraordinary existence.

In the Retreat, you’ll unearth your underlying beliefs and behaviours and examine their role in keeping you from achieving everything you’re capable of. Our focus is on enabling you to shift at a causal rather than symptomatic level, because that’s the key to producing results you can sustain for life.

What Will You Leave With?

For the entire three days each participant receives and observes live, one-on-one coaching with the Retreat leader, with all attendees getting to witness each other’s transformation in real time. Experiencing not only one’s own instantaneous, life-changing personal breakthroughs, but also witnessing those of others, in a safe group environment is the magic of the Evolved Experience.

‘ I have been to many retreats and have been involved in coaching for 4 -5 years. This is what I would call intense, compassionate coaching at its best. I challenge anyone, anywhere and anytime to ‘find themselves’, and attend this Retreat – it is life changing’.

What Is It?

The design of the Retreat is based on 20+ years of research. It has a tendency to attract highly trained people who, for whatever reason, have not experienced the level of transformation they have always wanted and not known how to sustain the change. This research resulted in a meticulously planned, and heavily tested, experiential programme.

The Evolved 3 Day Experience Retreat is not a teacher/pupil environment, a hyped-up motivational course or a therapeutic session – it’s an empowering, immersive and interactive experience. To shift people sustainably you need to shift them at an experiential level!


‘After 40 years of management training and personal and professional development courses, this is the first truly transformational programme I have been on that will last!’




50% deposit required to secure your registration
*Payment plans are available on application


All accommodation Friday &  Saturday nights – 2 nights accommodation
All meals for the 3 days – Friday/Saturday & Sunday
Morning Tea/Coffee on arrival each day
Morning Tea/Lunch/Afternoon Tea/Dinner – Friday/Saturday
Breakfast – Saturday/Sunday
All course materials
Unlimited access for the 3 days to the Retreat Leader
Unlimited access during session times, each day by qualified Evolved Certified Coaches

Who Is It For ?

Because of its transformative nature, this Retreat is for people ready to play a higher-leveraged game.

Typical attendees are already successful but ready to step up to a new level, or are in some form of transition in life, or have already tried a multitude of personal and professional development offerings but so far have not been able to sustain the positive changes they’ve made. Each Retreat attracts a diversity of people, often from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, industries, and vocations.

Where And When?

Currently the Evolved 3 Day Experience Retreats are being run in New Zealand. However future retreats are planned to be held across the globe

‘In one word: Priceless. I cannot put a dollar value on this experience, neither can I describe it except to say every person on the planet needs exposure to the Leader’s skills, tools and models. The Leader is like Tony Robbins on speed…unbelievable value.’

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Welcome to NgatiEvolve

Ngati is the term used for Maori tribes here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The Evolved education originated from New Zealand by Founder Sally Anderson which is why we created a tribe for those who have completed the Evolved 3 Day Experience Retreat – http://www.evolvedleadership.com.au/evolved-3-day-experience-retreat/

NgatiEvolve captures the true essence of a tribe. Love, support, comradery and a feeling of family due to cross many different countries and cultures.

The Tribe have regular physical monthly gatherings in different locations, a closed Facebook Group where those who have experienced the retreat participate to receive ongoing support, a Facebook Live Monthly Coaching Forum for refinement in application of the education and a yearly refresher to keep the NgatiEvolve Tribe forwarding their game and sustaining the transformation they experienced in the Evolved 3 day Experience retreat.

NgatiEvolve merchandising has just been launched and those in the tribe are able to purchase this merchandise to acknowledge their participation in the tribe.

If you wish to join the NgatiEvolve tribe to be supported in such a unique way, feel free to reach out and inquire about the next Evolved 3 Day Experience Retreat near you for it is a pre-requisite to join this tribe. Register your interest now via [email protected]

Retreat Format

The Retreat runs over three consecutive days, usually including a weekend. Starts 9am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday and Sunday both finish at 6pm while Saturday finishes at 10pm. Breaks are scheduled every 2 to 3 hours.


You experience a breakthrough with anything you are dealing with in your life, regardless of whether it’s a dynamic that’s been recurring your whole lifetime or a recent event. Not only do you experience the breakthrough itself, you also learn the techniques that enable you to create your own breakthroughs in daily life so that you can sustain the transformation you achieve in the Retreat.


In a day that will revolutionise your life, you’re led through a powerful process of unearthing beliefs you didn’t even know you had and coming face to face with their impact – and the means of permanently re-framing them. The process is unique to Evolved education, and the transformational impact of this day is extraordinary. You literally need to experience it to believe it. 100% of participant feedback forms state that Day 2 is the most cathartic/life altering day of the programme.


Day 3 is all about how to transcend your current communication skills in a way that leverages the strengths of each party. This is a critical missing element in most personal and professional relationships. Unfortunately, relationships are hugely impacted by the inability to communicate effectively. Day 3 of the retreat complements the previous 2 days in a way that is literally life altering. Day 3 equips participants to powerfully and effectively sustain empowered communication in ANY situation personally or professionally, and significantly impact relationships for the better in ALL areas of your life!

Your Retreat Leader

Evolved 3 Day Experience Retreats from July 2018 are led by trained Evolve By Choice Certified Leadership Coaches with the Founder of Evolve By Choice education overviewing the delivery. With 2 decades of experience facilitating people from every imaginable background and with every possible paradigm, she is the world’s most capable facilitator of Sustainable Transformation.



‘I give the Retreat a 5 star rating. Nothing to improve or better, it works!. The Leader is outstanding as a teacher, presenter, guide and coach.

The Leader teaches in a dynamic and powerful way so that each participant learns very quickly and absorbs almost by osmosis the principles by which to live to their own potential’

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