Evolved 1 Day Empowerment Workshop

Imagine A Day Where You Experience Breakthrough
Results Of Life Altering Proportions,
Which Are Guaranteed.

Do You Want To Live An Extraordinary Life?

Journey With Us And Imagine If You:

  • Experienced ‘extraordinary relationships’ in ALL area’s of your life with your significant other, children, parents, extended family, boss, fellow workers, friends, community.
  • Had the courage to live your passion, with purpose, clarity of direction, and determination that is unstoppable.
  • Enjoyed the work you do every day without waking up and feeling stressed or anxious.
  • Earned what you wanted to earn, and started honouring your worth.
  • Overcome any fear you have which is stopping you from having your life be what you want it to be.
  • Finally started living again because you overcame any guilt or shame over a past trauma.
  • Were able to transition the HOW of anything that you wish to accomplish, whether that’s starting your own business, or entering or leaving a relationship, gaining that promotion, or championing anything that you wish to accomplish in your life!

Thank you – great day, one of the BEST I’ve ever had – LOVE the honesty.

One word would be ‘WOW’! The no bullshit approach is not only confronting but incredibly liberating. I HIGHLY recommend EVERYONE to do this course..

Powerful day filled with no frills, direct approach full of love and support.

One day workshop with Evolved provides a ‘snapshot’ of this masterful programme and insights into the human condition. If you are interested in attaining self-mastery and empowering your relationships, get in touch with Evolved. Their work ROCKS!

Powerful day, great collective learning. Themes are common regardless of circumstances. The Facilitators ability to create breakthroughs consistently for 8 hours was beyond inspiring.

Do You Know What Is Holding You Back
From Being The Best You, That You Can Be?

Most People Don’t Know How To Change,
Nor Know How To Sustain That Change.

Imagine a day where you finally learned how to reclaim your power in the areas of your life that would make a significant difference.

A lot of people have invested a lot of money into reading the books, listening to the CD’s, attending the courses, and yet still have not experienced the level of transformation they want in their lives. Most experience a short-lived experience of euphoria but then end up returning to old habits feeling frustrated that they have been unable to sustain the change.

Would You Like The Tools Together With The Coaching
To Make Permanent Changes?

Would you like the ability to remain empowered when a person you are dealing with; be it a partner, a child, a colleague, a parent, a friend or a manager, behaves in an undesirable way?

Attend the Evolved 1 Day Empowerment Workshop
If You Are Serious About Changing Your Life,
For Good…

Why Evolved 1 Day Empowerment Workshop?

  • We have received feedback over the years to create a product/service that preceded the 3
    day retreat experience.
  • A bit like an entrée before experiencing the main course.
  • Attendees walk away with guaranteed breakthroughs of unimaginable proportions in any
    area of their lives both personally and professionally.

What Is UNIQUE About This Workshop?

  • What’s unique about the day is that the audience sets the agenda so the workshop is
    customised to your requirements.
  • The exercises are interactive and the tools allow you to dive as deep to explore your
    personal development.
  • There is 1 lead facilitator and 2 co-facilitators and certified coaches providing coaching
    support during the breaks.

How Many People Attend The Workshop?

  • We have a maximum number of 30 people attend these workshops.
  • These workshops are always full, so we encourage you to book early or look at the
    calendar and make your booking for a workshop that works with your schedule.

ONLY $297 inc GST

Investment Includes:

Morning & Afternoon Teas including Lunch

Unlimited access to coaching from Evolved Certified Coaches
Breakthrough coaching in a group setting

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The 6 Key Benefits Of The Workshops Are:

  1. Guaranteed breakthroughs with anything raised both personally or professionally
  2. Clarity on what is really going on with anything you perceive is holding you back
  3. Learning how to lead a life where you are able to sustain being in your power regardless of circumstance
  4. Ability to deal with confrontation, conflict, resistance, comfortability in an empowering way
  5. Crystal clear clarity on what’s holding you back from living your passion
  6. Learn how to lead an empowered life personally and or professionally for life and much more!


Tauranga 4 November 2017


Public Evolved 1 Day Empowerment Workshops are led by experienced
Evolved Certified Coaches.

Our Lead Facilitators are Evolved Certified Coaches and have had a wide range of life
experiences including extensive Evolved Immersion Development Training.

Tarryn Winson is the Lead
Facilitator for the Auckland
and Christchurch Events

Phil Holland is the Lead Facilitator
for the Tauranga Events

Sonia Thursby is the Co-Facilitator for the Auckland Events

Andrew Mackay is the Co-Facilitator for the Auckland Events

Janet Hughes is the Co-Facilitator for the Tauranga Events

Helena McIntyre is the Co-Facilitator for the Christchurch Events

Leanna Mitchell is Co-Facilitator for the Tauranga Events

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