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At Evolved Leadership, we assist leaders and emerging leaders to evolve their thinking.


Effective leadership is not just a set of skills, but a way of thinking and being. We offer a range of group-based and 1:1 services to help leaders from any setting evolve and develop their thinking and capacity to lead their teams to success.


We also have several keynote speakers who deliver inspiring, transformative talks that work to motivate and provide a catalyst to change.





At Evolve d Leadership, we help leaders and emerging leaders to liberate themselves and their teams to achieve superior collaboration and productivity.


We believe that there is not enough emphasis placed on soft skills in traditional leadership programs. This is why many leaders graduate to roles in leadership with a high degree of technical competency, however are unable to effectively lead.


Personal empowerment, evolving ones mindset, belief & behavioural change, are powerful soft skills that are integral to the evolved leader.  We’ve made available a range of books, CDs, blogs and empowerment courses as resources to assist you on your journey.





Evolved Leadership's programs focus on extending leaders beyond the limitations of traditional leadership programs, and helping leaders to overcome limiting thinking. Where traditional programs focus on 'doing' leadership through reacting, managing and controlling, our programs focus on 'being' a true leader, empowering and enabling. The flexibility of our approach means that it can be applied in any industry or situation.


The key value add Evolved Leadership's programs provide is that the skills are transferred to the organisation and individuals, thereby creating sustainable change.


Sally Anderson



Sally is at the forefront of sustainable human and organisational transformation. She is a world-renowned Leadership Coach, Leadership Advance Facilitator, Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Author and Master Coach Trainer.  Her 20 years in the corporate world, together with lessons she has garnered through her amazing and unique life story, inspire and help others achieve sustainable transformation for professional and personal success.


Sally has a long history of supporting organisational, cultural and individual change across the globe.  Sally formulated the unique delivery and content of the Evolved Leadership Curriculum has spent 13 years refining its teachings.  Her revolutionary education can be experienced via Keynote Speaking, private one-on-one Leadership Coaching, 3 Day Leadership Advances, Leadership Development Programmes, Indigenous Workshops and/or Leadership Coach Certification.


Her unique personal perspectives, traumatic history and eventual mastery as a transformational coach provide a rare combination of talents. Sally’s life experiences laid the foundation for her vocation to help others achieve a similar transcendence.  As a result Sally has a sound knowledge base for her philosophy and teachings and their application in the personal and professional realm.


Her determination to regain her life from the most dehumanising experience imaginable, and to dedicating her life to helping others, has shaped her personal development and destiny to become one of the most pre-eminent speakers and transformation coaches we have seen.


Sally’s first book ‘Freefall—Living Life Beyond The Edge’, was published by New York Book Publisher Morgan James in 2011 and is available via Amazon and in Kindle form.  Sally’s second book, ‘The Co-creative Age – Evolved Leadership In The 21st Century’, co-authored by Roger Te Tai, will be published late 2015.  She has also written numerous book chapters, corporate sector publications, personal development publications and publications for youth reform initiatives.


Evolve Leadership

The aim of Evolved Leadership is to


leaders to reclaim their power and their passion,


their thinking to allow them to


themselves and their teams

to achieve superior productivity and performance.




Whatever your background or ambitions, Evolved Leadership can help you realise your true potential. Since 2002, Sally Anderson and her team have helped thousands of leaders evolve and develop their approaches to benefit entire teams and organisations. Through our vast array of resources and services, we help leaders and emerging leaders to inspire their teams to achieve more - more efficiently - than ever before for a sustained competitive advantage.


Evolved Leadership stands for sustained integrated transformation.




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